Adriana perez

Adriana Pérez Mugia


Multimedia artist based in Havana

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Adriana is graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts "San Alejandro", Cuba. She has several solo and group exhibitions, and received Casa de las Américas Ibero-American Award “Boys and girls paint for Peace”. She defines herself as an artist, mother, and nature lover. Adriana currently lives and works in Havana. Her work motivation is founded from her personal experiences, in conflicts that condition her existence as a woman. A female reading of questions arising from her point of view about the individual construction of humans, the roles that society assigns to them, and the battle to define themselves as unique and exceptional, and the barriers encountered walking the chosen path. She is interested in highlighting small stories, characteristics of our time, where diffusion and conceptual dispersion and the use of different visual languages to construct different grammars, has surpassed the formal structures in which levels or spheres of human knowledge were traditionally expressed.