Robert Jimenez

Robert Jimenez


Illustrator and painter of sophisticated Chimps, Tiki, Fearsome Weirdos and Strangewise! Star Wars and Wacky Packages artist for Topps.

Robert Jimenez - Lester Lets Loose

Lester Lets Loose

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Robert’s work has appeared on album covers for Gold Dust Lounge and Stolen Idols and in magazines such as Exotica Moderne, Tiki Magazine, PKD Otaku, Gnarly and Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics. His work is also featured in the books, THE THING:ARTBOOK, VISIONS FROM THE UPSIDE DOWN: STRANGER THINGS ARTBOOK, GHOSTBUSTERS: ARTBOOK and has shown in galleries including Disneyland’s Wonderground, Harold Golen, M Modern, Creature Features, and Bear & Bird among others.

You can also see Robert’s work in trading card sets for on licenses such as Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Mars Attacks, Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Ghostbusters, Adventure Time and more. Most notably Robert recently painted 8 images for the Upper Deck trading card set FIREFLY The Verse and 8 images for the Fuzzballs set on the Star Wars Trading Card App.